Assisted LivingPEAK CARE Assisted Living Homes was organized with one goal in mind, to take care of the elderly by providing them with homes that offers the highest quality of life in their later years. We began this journey several years ago when our loved ones were first placed in assisted living facilities. At first it sounded like a wonderful idea to have our loved ones cared for in these facilities because we could not offer the level of care that our loved ones needed and, furthermore, all of us worked full time jobs so we did not have the time needed to care for them. However, after placing our loved ones in these facilities, we soon realized that we could not have been more wrong. We saw many unhappy residents including our loved ones, who constantly requested to come “home”. We also saw a lack of care by staff members, lack of cleanliness and understaffed facilities. We quickly removed our loved ones and cared for them in our own personal homes. During this time, we recognized the need for quality assisted living homes, which brings us to where we are at today.
Our mission is very simple: Care for our residents, as if they are our own family members, in our own homes. We combine the best of both worlds by providing a high level of constant care with a family home environment. It is quite obvious that people, let alone the elderly, do not like to stay in institutions, which have a cold and impersonal feeling. Nor do they like to stay in facilities that have a “hospital-like” environment. The Elderly like to stay in places that embody a HOME like feeling where they can interact with other people, have the privacy of being in their own rooms and have constant personal assistance and care for all of their daily needs. Our residents dine together, watch television together, sing together and have activities together, just like they would as if they were in your own home. PEAK CARE Assisted Living Homes provides a home that offers a level of care that is above and beyond what other assisted living facilities offer, while also offering a greater level of care than what a normal family offers.
For more information about us please contact us at info@peakcareliving.com

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